Zhang Wensheng:Xi Jinping's speech in Taiwan is a warning
Posted:2018-03-25 Visits:207

ChinaReview Agency, Beijing, March 21st (Reporting Group, Central Evaluation Agency) Zhang Wensheng, deputy dean of the Taiwan Research Institute of Xiamen University, told the China Central Reviewer that the speech of the President Xi Jinping at the closing session of the First Session of the 13th National People's Congress was targeted. He said that the recent external forces have tried to intervene in the Taiwan issue, and the Taiwanese independence forces on the island have also been crazy and arrogant. President Xi Jinping’s speech showed his firm position and high confidence in safeguarding national interests. The external forces advising attempts to intervene in the Taiwan issue will be withdrawn early.

The President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping stated at the closing session of the First Session of the 13th National People’s Congress yesterday morning that we must adhere to the one-China principle, adhere to the “1992 consensus”, promote the peaceful development of cross-Strait relations, and expand cross-strait economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation with Taiwan compatriots. Sharing opportunities for the development of the mainland, enhancing the well-being of Taiwan compatriots and promoting the peaceful reunification of the motherland.

Xi Jinping stated that safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity and realizing the complete reunification of the motherland are the common aspirations of all Chinese sons and daughters and are the fundamental interests of the Chinese nation. In the face of this national righteousness and historical trend, all acts and tricks to split the motherland are doomed to failure and will be condemned by the people and punished by history! The Chinese people have a firm will, full confidence, and sufficient ability to frustrate all the activities of splitting the country! The Chinese people and the Chinese nation share a common belief that every inch of our great motherland’s territory cannot and cannot be separated from China!

Zhang Wensheng believes that President Xi Jinping's speech on the one hand indicates on his one hand that after his re-election as the chairman of the country, he is uncompromisingly firm and highly confident in safeguarding the national interests of the country. Of course I want to be targeted in a certain sense. He pointed out that since the recent attempts by external forces to intervene in the Taiwan issue, the Taiwanese independence forces on the island have also been more arrogant. This paragraph from Chairman Xi Jinping is a warning that China is no longer the China of the Opium War, not the eight-nation coalition, not the China of the Anti-Japanese War, and not the China of the 1950s. Now China is fully capable of maintaining national unity and maintaining every inch of territory.

Zhang Wensheng told the Agency that the Chinese people had not succumbed in the most difficult times of the 1950s. Now that China’s economic aggregate has ranked second in the world, it is even less likely to make concessions on the issue of national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Some foreign forces have always attempted to intervene in the Taiwan issue. They want to use Taiwan as a bridgehead to attack the mainland. It is even more impossible for such attempts to compromise the Chinese people.

“This speech by President Xi Jinping was highly praised by all the delegates, and the applause and prolonged on-site sensation reflected public opinion and public opinion. Some foreign forces were advised to hand back from Taiwan as early as possible, otherwise one day was hurt and very little. Face to face. Zhang Wensheng finally said to the Agency.