Trump out of control:The new Taiwan Strait crisis is within easy reach
Posted:2018-03-28 Visits:136

US President Trump signed the Taiwan Travel Act a few days ago. The Premier of Taiwan Research Institute of Xiamen University, Li Peng, accepted an exclusive interview with Wang Bao and said that this would make the cross-strait relations worse and worse than usual. The situation is rather serious, which means that Trump considers the Taiwan issue as a child's play. Using Taiwan as a bargaining chip, he chose to make provocative moves in China’s core interests. Trump’s selection of the most irrational approach to the “Taiwan Brigade Law” veto, automatic failure, and voluntary signing will inevitably have a serious impact on the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait. He said that if the US side dares to implement it, the new Taiwan Strait crisis is not far behind.

Li Peng said that although the mainland Ministry of Foreign Affairs mentioned that the Taiwan Travel Act is not binding, it at least shows that Trump’s position, no matter what the motive, can not hide the bad attitude of ignoring China’s core interests and put it in full competition with China. The gesture of full confrontation has released extremely wrong signals to the Tsai English authorities or the forces of Taiwan independence. He personally thinks that China-US and cross-strait relations will face very severe tests.

This year, the mainland will face a complicated situation and challenges in setting the situation in the Taiwan Strait. If the implementation of the Taiwan Brigade Law is followed by a test-based implementation, it may trigger a crisis between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. The article teaches Trump What is China's policy? After the Taiwan Straits Act was signed, Li Peng believed that American scholars should ask Trump to relive the 1995 Taiwan Strait Crisis, and the mainland Defense Department's statement on the Taiwan Travel Act is also quite obvious. Dare to implement, do not rule out the Taiwan Strait crisis is close at hand.

On the other hand, Li Peng mentioned that the Taiwan side must also be self-aware. If the situation is mistakenly judged, the Taiwan Travel Act is considered an opportunity for Taiwan, or the Taiwan independence forces go to the US Congress to invite Taiwan leaders to visit Washington, mainland China will not With any room for compromise, the response will be fierce.