The Taiwan Travel Act takes effect Mainland scholars: It is necessary to strongly counter
Posted:2018-03-28 Visits:171

President Trump signed the Taiwan Travel Law. Liu Guoshen, professor of the Taiwan Research Institute of Xiamen University, believes that at the political, military, and economic levels, the Chinese mainland side must come up with various countermeasures.

Liu Guoshen believes that this incident has produced a very serious challenge to Sino-U.S. relations. After the Taiwan Relations Act in 1979, the biggest change between the United States and China on the Taiwan issue brought great instability to Sino-U.S. relations. If Taiwan thinks that Trump has signed the Taiwan Travel Act, it is still too early to say that Taiwan officials are free to enter and leave Washington. The United States still only uses Taiwan as a card to fight.

Liu Guoshen pointed out that the mainland must give the United States a strong counterattack on this issue. Some representative politicians in Taiwan go to the United States or some sensitive areas, which will shake the cornerstone of Sino-U.S. relations and bring new challenges to the international order. If the United States does not care about the interests of the mainland, the mainland does not need to consider too much of the United States. This world is not a unipolar world. China must use political, military, and economic factors to take countermeasures.