TANG HUA: Intergroup Contact and Prejudice: the Psychological Mechanism of Taiwan Youth in Communication
Posted:2018-03-16 Visits:158

Abstract:As the process of the peaceful development of cross-Strait relations continues to advance, the intergroup contradiction has begun to intensify slightly in the field of youth communication. The extent to which Taiwan youth groups' prejudice against the mainland can be improved in the course of communication depends on whether the conditions of intergroup contact are available. This paper focuses on the study of the psychological process of Taiwan youth in their intergroup contact by using the method of semi-structured interview, tapping their contact characteristics of generalization, secondary transitivity and non - equivalence. Finally, the paper proposes that the level of the intergroup prejudice by Taiwan youth against the mainland be reduced by inhibiting cognitive categories, tapping common goals, designing cooperative strategies, and establishing intergroup friendship.

Key Words: prejudice, intergroup contact, youth